Liz Daley & Peter Merry

Liz Daley and Peter Merry joined forces and shared their expertise teaching their two-day, 16-hour marathon training session for DJs and Masters of Ceremonies called Make It GRAND! Workshop in Toronto, Canada.


Welcome to Canada!

Dave Hastings, President of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association picked Liz up at the airport along with Peter Merry who was already in town.  Liz was greeted with flowers!!!!  What a great way to be welcomed to another country!

Intense Training

The intimate class of six attendees got “lots of love” and “on their feet” training as Liz and Peter nurtured and guided each professional to improve their performance skills as Masters of Ceremonies.

Attendees practiced their “opening statements” to wedding guests:  getting constructive feedback from Liz, Peter and the rest of their peers.  They also wrote and delivered multiple variations of Wedding Party Grand Entrance Scripts.

The intense exercises gave all attendees immediately usable tools for their very next wedding!


Work Hard and Play Hard!

After working hard, everyone went out to eat at Yang’s Teppanyaki & Sushi in Concord, Ontario.

Bill James McElree even got to play with FIRE!!!!! (frightening, right?)

It’s not as easy as it looks! (to be a chef)

It’s not easy to flip food around on a hot grill. (as our chef so kindly allowed us to demonstrate with hilarious results)

It Takes Training!

A lot of training goes into the chef’s presentation.  First things first:  he must he be an expert at cooking food to everyone’s liking, but then begins the EXPERIENCE!  He must also engage, delight, and entertain us!  We had an amazing experience!!!! Why? Because we had an EXPERT who was well-trained who clearly LOVED what he did and we all had a fantastic time because of our talented CHEF!

It’s not easy to be a Master of Ceremonies either!

It’s also not so easy to be a great Master of Ceremonies: guiding brides, grooms and their guests through an evening of formalities, fun, and frivolity.  Just like the chef being able to cook, first things first:  we must be able to play music that everyone likes. Second, just like the chef, it is also our job to engage, delight and entertain our audiences. (and it’s the second part that really matters)

The best entertainers have talent, training and experience!

It was Peter’s and my pleasure to work with Bill James McElreeDave HastingsLeslie TunnicliffRon Finlay, Gerald Hood , and David Browne.  Each of these wonderful people truly love what they do and it shows at every wedding.

Click below to see what the folks in Canada had to say about the workshop!


Keep Learning!  Keep Growing! Share your Heart and Talent!