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Who is Peter Merry?
Make It GRAND! Workshop | 2-Day MC Performance Training Event

Liz & Peter’s training in their Make It GRAND! Workshop was the start of a major change in my wedding performances and played a large part in starting my journey towards finally earning the title of Wedding Entertainment Director®! Thanks for reigniting my passion for weddings… my clients are reaping the benefits!

Michael Durham, WED®

Patrick Michael Wedding Entertainment

The Professional Process | 2-Day Marathon Training Event

Liz & Peter’s training in their Make It GRAND! Workshop got me super excited about finally trying to earn the title of Wedding Entertainment Director®. But the spark that got my fire started was when I attended The Professional Process back in June of 2010! I decided to attend for the 2nd time last November and learned even more!

Aldo Ryan, WED®

Aldo Ryan Entertainment

Taking Your Stage Workshop | 1-Day MC Performance Training Event

Liz & Peter’s specialized training always challenges me. I have attended The Professional Process and their Make It GRAND! Workshop. Their Taking Your Stage Workshop pushed me to do some completely new things as a Wedding MC.

Eric Herod, WED®

Eric Herod Entertainment

Audio Editing Like a BOSS! | Half-Day Adobe Audition Training Event

Peter Merry’s Adobe Audition training in Audio Editing Like a BOSS! was a huge download of real world uses and ideas for making creative edits for my clients. I have already put the new skills I have learned to good use.

Mike Jones

Mike's Mobile DJ Service

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Make It GRAND! Workshop | 2-Day MC Performance Training Event

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Equipping Wedding Entertainers to Deliver the Most Creative Personalized Grand Entrances…EVER!
16 Hours:
9:00am-6:00pm both days

 8 Attendees
You will learn:

  • How to create your own STYLE as a Master of Ceremonies.
  • How to “Own The Crowd” from the very beginning.
  • How to be an Effective Storyteller.
  • How to Connect with your Audience.
  • How to Write Comedy. (Make it Fast, Make it Funny!)
  • Gentle Roasting Techniques.
  • Proper Staging.

What to Expect: Participants will work on multiple writing and performance exercises designed to help them create their own voice and delivery style as a Master of Ceremonies. Focus will be given to “tried and true” theatrical conventions guaranteed to engage your audience. Participants will be given techniques designed to help them “take their stage” as a confident Master of Ceremonies allowing them to direct and guide any event with precision and ease. Participants will learn how to command an audience without “screaming” or “intimidating” the guests. They will learn how to write for applause and laughter, they will learn how the use of proper staging and timing will dramatically improve their effectiveness. And finally, participants will learn appropriate “roasting” techniques that are family friendly and HOW to use “sound drops” for maximum impact without diluting the effectiveness of their performance.

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Taking Your Stage Workshop | 1-Day MC Performance Training Event

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A One Day Advanced Master of Ceremonies Performance Workshop
8 Hours
: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Limit: 8 Attendees
You will learn:

  • How to quickly and effectively “Own The Crowd” at all of your events with concise and commanding Welcoming Statements.
  • Common mistakes that might be holding you back.
  • Simple methods for getting the guests’ undivided attention without saying a word.
  • How to PERSONALIZE your PERFORMANCE and make it Clean, Simple and Effective without being cheesy.
  • How to create SMOOTH TRANSITIONS throughout the wedding reception.
  • How to showcase YOUR PERSONALITY and charm your audiences.

…and much, much more!

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The Professional Process | 2-Day Marathon Training Event

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16 Hours:
9:00am to 6:00pm both days

Limit: Unlimited Number of Attendees (This is not a performance workshop, it is entirely lecture content.)
You will learn:

Peter will share:

  • His complete approach to marketing himself as unique from all other forms of wedding entertainment.
  • How his “6 Pillars of Wedding Marketing” should be implemented to create effective marketing materials.
  • How to define a “target” client and then build a plan to reach that market effectively.
  • How to create effective business cards, newsletters, promo videos, web sites, blogs, and even bridal show booths.
  • How to utilize social networking tools like Facebook and YouTube to your advantage.
  • How he gets the caliber of photos that are used in his current marketing.
  • Why you should get professional head shots taken every two years.
  • How various forms of marketing used by other businesses have inspired his latest strategies.

And…You will receive copies of his business cards and newsletters. And…You will receive helpful feedback on your current marketing. (So bring your business cards, brochures, etc.)

Peter will reveal:

  • His 4 step sales process in detail from the first phone call, or e-mail, to getting a signed booking agreement.
  • How to verify the interest level and viability of a prospect.
  • His consultation process, which is used to identify what his prospects want and need.
  • His sales presentation which has been designed to build value and trust in the prospect’s mind.
  • Various ways of closing the sale and/or setting the prospect free to do some informed comparison shopping.
  • Video footage of a live sales consultation with an actual prospect.
  • How to handle some of the tougher objections that are common in the sales process with role-playing.
  • Several effective ways to use a money-back guarantee.
  • Simple methods for helping your prospects to picture you as the best and only answer to their needs.
  • Strategies on holding out for your price and/or offering discounts.

And…You will receive a copy of his initial contact e-mail used to create interest in scheduling a sales meeting. And…You will receive copies of his booking agreement and pricing sheets.

Peter will discuss:

  • His detailed planning process from the initial planning session to the final planning session.
  • The planning kit that he gives to his clients, including the cover letter, planning checklists, music lists, and forms.
  • 12 things he does after booking a client to prepare for their planning process.
  • How to measure growing demand for your services, thereby justifying a price increase.
  • His “template” for creating truly flexible ceremony and reception agendas and grand entrance scripts.
  • How to use your liability policy as a tool for building credibility with your client’s location managers.
  • His detailed planning checklists while exploring what details should be discussed during each planning session.
  • 3 categories of music lists: Background Selections, Special Moments, and Dancing Requests.
  • Methods for drawing out information and getting approval for the content of scripted grand entrances.

And…You will receive a copy of his “templates” for his ceremony and reception agendas and his grand entrance script. And…You will receive an actual client planning kit for a ceremony and reception just as it is presented to his clients.

Peter will expound on:

  • His 11 step process for preparing for a ceremony and reception once the planning process has been completed.
  • An example of a personalized ceremony and reception agenda created for a recent client.
  • Simple methods for preparing to ensure that the rehearsal will go smoothly.
  • A unique way to honor the parents and grandparents while preventing confusion during the wedding ceremony.
  • Helpful techniques for creating short edits and loops of songs that won’t sound like they’ve been edited.
  • His writing process for developing the content he’s gathered into a timely and entertaining grand entrance script.
  • His writing process for creating love story introductions, including some twists using creative license.

And…You will receive a copy of the simple tool used to ensure that the rehearsal will go smoothly. And…You will receive a copy of the ceremony and reception agendas and grand entrance script from the example used.

Peter will disclose:

  • His complete performance style and approach as a Wedding Entertainment Director™.
  • How to create a rehearsal direction checklist, a ceremony direction checklist, and a reception direction checklist.
  • Various methods for effectively commanding the guests’ undivided attention from the very beginning.
  • An assortment of optional layers for adding personalization to the grand entrance.
  • How to find sound clips and how to choose where and when to use them to create the most impact.
  • Ideas and resources for improving our skills as entertainers.
  • How to “stay in the moment” so you can roll with unexpected situations and turn them into priceless memories.
  • Various approaches for mixing the dance music to create more energy.
  • His use of interrupted First Dances with surprise, choreographed routines and how to make them more effective.
  • Video footage from some of his recent receptions while candidly discussing what worked, what didn’t, and why.

And…You will receive a copy of his event direction checklists for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. And…You will receive a list of fun movies clips, sound effects, and song clips that can liven up your grand entrances. And…Added Bonus! You will participate as wedding party members as Peter Merry directs a mock wedding rehearsal.

Peter will explain:

  • His follow-up process and how he remains in touch with his clients after their big day has come and gone.
  • His detailed post-reception feedback survey.
  • How to compile markers from these surveys to determine when to raise your prices.
  • Ideas on gathering powerful testimonials in both audio and video formats.
  • How continually seeking qualified, critical feedback from a trusted professional will rocket your advancement.
  • How to effectively use feedback surveys and testimonials in your marketing and sales presentation.

And…You will receive a copy of his post-reception feedback survey along with the accompanying solicitation letter

Peter will divulge his latest strategies for elevating our industry. And…You will receive a certificate of achievement for completing “The Professional Process!”

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Audio Editing Like a BOSS! | Half-Day Adobe Audition Training Event

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Tricks, Tips, and Tools for Creating Amazing Mixes, Mash-Ups, and Moments
7 Hours:
9:00am to 5:00pm
Prerequisite: Every attendee must bring a pair of headphones (for editing) and laptop (PC or MAC) loaded with Adobe Audition CC.
Limit: 10 Attendees
You will learn:

  • How to filter out background noise from a voice recording.
  • How to clean up the content of a voice recording.
  • How to edit a voice recording for the most emotional impact.
  • How to ensure a voice recording is ready to be mixed into a song.
  • Several creative ways to combine a voice recording with a song.
  • How to create a realistic sounding “malfunction” for a surprise mix transition.
  • Suggestions for creating an effective surprise mix of song segments.
  • How to shorten a song without listening to the track first.
  • How to create a seamless loop using multi-track mixing.
  • How to prep a multi-track mix that can incorporate live recordings at your events.
  • 5 common mistakes people make when editing audio files.
  • 5 things you should do before declaring an audio editing project complete.

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