Peter's Awesome Sound Clips Collection


After months of re-working, re-titling, re-organizing and even pruning my sound bite collection…I decided to make a concerted effort to add almost 200 fresh, new sound clips and I also created unique “album art” so they won’t get mixed up in your music library and mistaken for the full-length songs while you are “in the mix” (that would be bad). Also, for the movie clips, I have taken the time to create “album art” that makes it much easier to quickly identify the clips you are looking for visually.

This totally updated collection of sound clips is version 1.0 and I am already hard at work on version 1.1 due to be released by December 1st, 2019. In version 1.1, I will be adding keyword data separated by commas to the “Composer” ID3 tag section which will allow for searches in iTunes, Finder (on Mac) and Explorer (on PC). The photos below (click on them for full size) are two different examples of what happens (in version 1.1) when I search for “Law Enforcement” in the Movie Clips folder (in Explorer) or the Sound Clips Playlist Folder (in iTunes).

I have also created a private group on Facebook for anyone who purchases this Awesome Sound Clips Collection and when version 1.1 is released on December 1st, 2019…you will find the download link posted there. I will be updating this collection every 3-4 months with new clips and newly coded keywords (and I’ll be totally open to your keyword search suggestions as well) and publishing new download links there as well. I will also be posting some fresh video content from time to time in that private group with creative suggestions on harvesting sound clips, creating sound clips, and even suggestions for setting them up properly when you are using a script and the latest technological solutions for firing them accurately during your performances.

Until now, I have only shared this collection with attendees of our Make It GRAND! Workshops (and future attendees will be receiving this latest updated version…that is part of the reason why our workshop pricing has gone up slightly). However, for now, I have also decided to make this Awesome Sound Clip Collection (1.0) available to previous attendees of The Professional Process. Because this offer is only being shared in our private Facebook alumni groups, please keep this offer page private.

There are 1,208 total Sound Clips. 688 are Movie Clips. 56 are SFX (Sound Effects). 337 are Song Clips. And 127 are what I refer to as YouTube Song Clips (or The Evolution Of Dance), which started off as the precise segments Judson Laipply used in his 3 different The Evolution Of Dance YouTube videos and then grew as my couples gave me other songs they wanted to mix into their surprise choreographed dance routines. Having those already prepped will save you a ton of time when one of your future couples wants to do their own creative mixed dance routine.

Pricing: $49.99

Click the button below to process your payment of $49.99 and receive your copy of Peter’s Awesome Sound Clips Collection. You will receive a download link via email after your purchase has been processed along with an invite to the private Facebook group.