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Live Coaching

These sessions are usually scheduled in tandem with national conventions and other events, such as regional workshops. Liz & Peter will customize a performance coaching session based upon the areas you feel need the most work.

Video Review & Coaching

These sessions are available year-round via SKYPE and in-person. Liz & Peter will watch your video submissions and offer constructive criticism. They will then give you exercises, tools, and suggestions that will help you improve your performance in any identified problem areas.

Full Event Ride-Along with Post-Event Critique

Liz & Peter will drive/fly out to your location (on a date they both have open) to shadow you on one of your wedding receptions. They will observe, take notes, and shoot video from the “sidelines” while you deliver your standard wedding reception performance. After the event has concluded (either that night or the next day), they will spend at least 2 hours going over with you what they saw in a very detailed and constructive manner. When they are done, you will have a very thorough “to-do” list for improving your performance skills in a clearly measurable manner. Liz & Peter will arrange their own travel accommodations and hotel rooms and provide the full consultation services outlined above for an all-inclusive fee of $3,600. Contact us to check our availability. (The fees for our Ride-Along Services outside of the United States will understandably be higher.)

Price: $200.00/Hour
(Minimum of 2 Hours)

Packages Available


Liz & Peter have coached dozens of DJs in their workshops on the arts and sciences of writing quality scripts. Got an upcoming wedding celebration that needs a tight, fun, and memorable script for the introductions of the wedding party? Need help putting together an organized timeline for the events? They will work with you to make your wedding script outstanding. During their hands on training, you will learn how to:

  • Use your “Red Pen” by helping you edit the extraneous chatter from your grand entrance script
  • Set up better punch lines
  • Choose the best underscores, music clips, sound effects, and sound bites
  • Stage for success by assisting with the entrances, exits, and blocking instructions for the wedding party members
  • Choose the best order of events for maximum results based upon all the activities planned

Price: $200.00/Hour

Packages Available

I learned in a matter of hours what would of taken months in a traditional class environment. Creating custom edits and mixes for my clients is now another tool I use to set myself apart in the wedding industry. Thank you Peter for continuing to raise the bar, and sharing your skill set!

Andy Austin

Andy Austin Entertainment


Liz & Peter have collaborated for years on a wide variety of creative audio edits for their wedding clients. Even if you have been dabbling in audio editing with Adobe Audition, they can help you develop some fantastic time-saving techniques for creating:

  • short edits of songs
  • surprise choreographed dance routine mixes
  • amazing voice-over recordings mixed into the special dances
  • cleaned up voice mail messages for pre-recorded best wishes sent from loved ones who won’t be attending
  • instrumental music beds for biographical wedding party introductions that that do not sound like loops
  • and much, much more

Price: $200.00/Hour

Packages Available


Liz & Peter really enjoy helping wedding professionals become more effective at selling their services. Being passionate about what you do and delivering exceptional services isn’t always enough to close the deal. With some simple adjustments, Liz & Peter can help you increase your booking percentages without having to resort to high pressure sales tactics. They will look at your current sales process and then help you develop a detailed strategy for presenting your value in a highly polished and persuasive manner. If you hate the sales portion of your business and are tired of losing clients who you thought were a good fit for your services, Liz & Peter will be happy to help you change that for the better.

Price: $200.00/Hour (Minimum of 2 Hours)

Packages Available


Liz & Peter have excelled at helping wedding professionals dial in their marketing materials. Is your logo more than 10 years old? Is your business card run of the mill? Are your latest print ads making you money? If you are in need of re-branding your services with a marketing makeover, Liz & Peter are ready to help you get started.

Price: $200.00/Hour
(Minimum of 2 Hours)

Packages Available


Liz & Peter have tremendous experience in advising wedding professionals on their web sites. Whether it be adjusting your SEO content, choosing the most optimal photos, or finding the perfect theme for your WordPress site, they are ready to help you get the most bang for your buck on the internet. Your web site is often your very first handshake with a new client and Liz & Peter are ready to help you make yours one that is confident, friendly, and memorable.

Price: $200.00/Hour (Minimum of 2 Hours)

Packages Available